About Us

In case you are curious about us……here is a little bit of information to satisfy your curiosity!! We are a very small home based business, consisting of just the two of us-the mom and the pop of a “mom and pop” business. We are both very craft and hobby oriented, and have been for most of our lives. I, (the “mom”), have always been an avid seamstress and quilter and had real need for a few items that were not available for purchase. At the top of this list would be our K-Kraft Electric Bobbin Winder. I was truly tired of messing with winding bobbins on my regular home machines for my embroidery machine, quilting machine and the home sewing machines as well. It seemed to me there should be something to make this easier that would just sit on my desktop and be available for winding bobbins for all of the above machines. With much input about what the sewer really needs, the engineer of the family, (the “pop”), designed what we now call the “K-Kraft Electric Bobbin Winder”.  With many modifications, the Bobbin Winder has now been on the market for in excess of 15 years. We have had tremendous success with it, and have made many other sewers just as happy as it made me. It is truly fun to share the creation of this electric bobbin winder with others throughout the US, Canada, Australia, Africa, Ireland and Sweden.  We also now have the Featherweight Foot Pedal adapters which have been a great hit.  We had no idea there were that many Featherweights in the entire world.  Our newest little creation is the Featherweight Pincushion which just sits on top of the machine in a hole that is already there.  We hope you enjoy our original creations.  We personally test each of our winders before they are shipped.  We take great pride in our products and want our customers to be just as proud to own them. We are doing this mainly for fun as the “pop” has retired and loves to play in his shop.