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Super Electric Bobbin Winder


Compact tabletop bobbin winder



Electric Bobbin Winder  — K-Kraft Super Electric Bobbin Winder

This is the new version of our stand alone ELECTRIC BOBBIN WINDER with more electronics and fewer mechanical adjustments.The base size of this bobbin winder is 8″ X 12″ with a built in thread stand for large and/or small spools.The power for the unit is a standard power plug. The new features of the Super Electric Bobbin Winder are:

  • Micro controller…This controller not only controls the speed of the bobbin winder, but also counts the number of revolutions so the auto fill function works regardless of speed.

  • Flexible spindle… This winder accepts all standard sized bobbins (including M and L Bobbins and special bobbins such as the green Viking bobbin, newer Pfaff bobbins with the ribs inside of them and the narrow Singer Featherweight bobbins all with no adjustment required).

  • Variable speed control.  The speed control is calibrated from 1 to 6, with one being the slowest speed.  The “1” represents 1,000 RPM and the “6” represents 3,000 RPM. Our older style winder ran at a fixed 2,000 RPM without available adjustments.

  • Auto Fill .. There are two different settings so you can have it automatically set for two different types of bobbins (if you happen to have 2 machines that you would like to wind bobbins for).  These settings will automatically stop the bobbin from filling further, once you have set them for your bobbins.  These settings will remain even if the winder is turned off or unplugged.

  • Quiet Running…You will find this winder will run much quieter than previous models.  The metal parts have been replaced with a direct drive DC motor.

​​Shipping and insurance is a flat $28.00 for Continental US. I’m sorry if shipping sounds high, but it actually costs this much to ship this item. Frequently…….it even costs more.  Also, the post office just raised the rates AGAIN on June 23, 2019.