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Super Bobbin Winder

$149.00 $125.00

Compact tabletop bobbin winder



K-Kraft Super Winder

This is the new version of our bobbin winder with more electronics and fewer mechanical adjustments.The base size is 8″ X 12″ with a built in thread stand for large and small spools.The power for the unit is a standard power plug. The new features of the Super Winder are :

  • Micro controller
  • Flexible spindle (accepts all standard bobbins including the green viking – no adjustment required)
  • Variable speed control (slow for delicate thread to fast for quick winding)
  • Auto Fill (2 settings that stop the motor when the bobbin is full)
  • ​quiet running

    Special introductory price for a limited time $125 (normally $149)

​​Shipping and insurance is a flat $22.00 for Continental US. I’m sorry if shipping sounds high, but it actually costs this much to ship this item. Frequently…….it even costs more.